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Forget Flickr, Facebook Photo-Sharing is Here

Written on October 01, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Facebook has done yet again improvements on its Photo feature. And this time, the social network smacked Flickr right into its face.

Facebook is not just a social network but one of the largest photo-sharing sites in the world. Now let’s see their competitiveness in terms of the photo features.

Upgrades are essential to everyone. And now they are doing it again. The latest news not to mention a trending topic is the inclusion of , photo-download link, bulk options and this gorgeous lightbox interface. Lightbox reminds us of the feaatures available now on Flckr.

Before, are all best for capturing special moments, special people and events. And then posting them in your wall and sharing your joys to people. However, it changed when there came the publicity and essentialness of Facebook to daily life. Modeling, graphic design and photography were only few doors that were opened by ’s creation. With more than 500 million users, it’s time to start the photo sharing market high-end.

Starting today, we can upload and download high resolution images for up to 2048 pixels high. Each comes with a link to download the JPEG file. Plus, it upgrade also comes with a bulk tagging options that can tag your group of friends by simply clicking the thumbnails.

Another change that will catch your breath on the last minute is the Lightbox UI. Strongly and clearly puts the focus on the images. So don’t get amazed when everytime you open a friend’s photo, wall, newsfeeds, album or whatever you’ll see hovering changes in them. One thing relevant now, a round of applause for Mark Zuckerberg and his team!

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