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Foursquare will Reach Four Million Members Soon

Written on October 19, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Recently, Facebook launched its claim to 5 million users, now it's Foursquare's turn. Sooner or later Foursquare will hit 4 million. A million close to the titan on social network who recently became Foursquare's natural enemy.

According to sources, hits 4 million members this week. With estimations, we think that acquires 20,000 users per day all of this were up despite the server hiccups that we heard.

Foursquare recently said that they had already signed up its 4 millionth member. The ID measurement may be close approximation but the goal will hit within the week. Foursquare’s growth spurt has contributed to lots of things. One is the version 2.0 for iPhone and Android, a Symbian release and celebrity attention from the likes of
Conan O’Brien and hip-hop artist Big Boi.

Foursquare’s archenemy, the titan of Social Networking, recently reached 500 million users.

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