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Google Acquires BlindType

Written on October 04, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Aiming to improve mobile typing experience, Google acquired a startup technology called BlindType. But can BlindType be an even competitor versus other mobile typing system?

has acquired , with a mission to improve typing experience on and iOS mobile devices.

It is no-brainer that mobile-device typing has changed significantly with the functional touch-screen keyboard of , Android’s word prediction technology and ’s finger-sliding method. However, hunt-and-peck tappers find as a frustrating experience and more prone to typographical error. Still, BlindType believes that is has a better method for matching the letters people actually typed, with the ones they’re meant to punch on the keyboard. But compared to Android’s predictive system, BlindType can only match words that were already typed.

According to BlindType’s FAQ: The technology works with any language, and could make a good combination with Google’s extensive data for automated spelling corrections.

So what can you say? Do you think BlindType is a good catch for Google?

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