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Google Doodle Greets you a Happy Birthday!

Written on October 19, 2010 by B Waldorf

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It's so touching when someone remembers your birthday right? Admit it, it only happens once a year and you want people to know. Save the tears of joy. Fill out your Google profiles guys and see what Google's touching ideas for you.

showed us how they celebrate with . From the of John Lennon, Hans Christian Andersen and Agatha Christie.They replace the standard hompage logo to customized doodles. And now, Google lets you experience a Celebrity Birthday with a special birthday doodle and Google Profile flair.

This weekend, Google announced the birthday surprise for all of its users. It explains the special doodle that will appear on if you happen to add your birthday on your Google Profile. You can click the logo to see your Google Profile and a cupcake bearing your personalized Google message.

This is another way of Google’s touching idea to encourage Google users to fill out their .

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