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HBO Gives Away Discounts for True Blood Check Ins

Written on October 15, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The phenomenon of the celebrated vampires Bill and Sookie has encouraged many people to use checkins. Now HBo and GetGlue award the loyal supporters of the program discounts and incentives. These tangible treats are to be used to avail True Blood collectibles. What are you waiting for? Go and check in now!

As a venture with , check-in service is now about to offer fans a nice way to save on show-related products through their check ins. The announcement was quickly followed by a news saying GetGlue saw a 25% bump for September, elevating from the 10 million ratings.

True Blood loyalists who chekin via GetGlue will receive a 10% discount at the True Blood Shop. And then when you reach True Blood status, you 20% off on products. Not only that, GetGlue and HBO are awarding the True Blood fans with a $50. Wow!

App users now have a solid incentive to check in their favorite products. But future plans are out in the bucket as well.

“We are aggressively moving into discounts for cable bills but it will take us a bit longer, but I am optimistic.” AdaptiveBlue CEO Alex Iskgold said. AdaptiveBlue is the owner of GetGlue.

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