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LimeWire is Shutting Down

Written on October 27, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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There will be peer-to-peer sharing on LimeWire no more, as the court orders the download client to cease its operation. Participating in a large scale copyright infringement is enough for Judge Kimba Wood to hand down an injunction.

Despite its victory, the Gnutella-based download client, , in now under permanent injunction. The court ordered to immediately stop supporting and distributing its software today. handed down a 17-page permanent injunction after finding out that LimeWire participated in a copyright infringement earlier this year. , along several major , filed a law suit and demands the site to shut then, but LimeWire was given a reprieve in order to provide a new copyright-friendly technology.

But the file-sharing application had to shut off its entire operation, including all searches, uploads, and downloads, in accordance to today’s injunction. The court will next assess the damage LimeWire caused in the record industry. Regardless, many LimeWire members will likely shift to a new client than ceasing sharing altogether.

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