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Microsoft Game VP Proud with Kinect

Written on October 26, 2010 by R. Depp

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"I imagine we're going to have to work hard to fill out the demand that's out there, is kinda our sense, but we're willing to work hard, so that's fine." ---Phil Spencer, Microsoft Games Studios VP

The game website spoke with Studios VP about the ’s upcoming launch.

Kinect will hit the stores on November 4 in time for the holiday shopping. Spencer is confident to overcome any hurdle that comes on the company’s way.

“We are comfortable with the supply. What the retailers are telling us is that interest in the platform seems to be incredibly high. Then our TV ads started this week, but people seem to be really interested. Pre-order numbers are good. I’ve been in the games business for a while and I love pre-order numbers, but the proof to me is when it sits in somebody’s home and they’re having fun with it — and we’re gonna know that after it hits,” Spencer said.

Furthermore, Spencer said that, “retailers seem really excited about the opportunity that’s there with Kinect, Oprah said it was one of the ‘hot things’ — she has that term — and I’d call that more of a consumer affirmation of what we’ve been trying to do is resonating with people. But yeah, retail channel seems to be excited for what we’re doing. We feel good about our supply that we can build. I imagine we’re going to have to work hard to fill out the demand that’s out there, is kinda our sense, but we’re willing to work hard, so that’s fine.”

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