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Nintendo Loves Sesame Street

Written on October 12, 2010 by B Waldorf

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It's another winning combination as Nintendo DS collaborates with Sesame Street with cool gaming accessories. This time, DreamGEAR shows you "how to get to Sesame Street."

The rumor that there is quite a shortage on is not yet defined whether true or not so true. But we’ve found something that might interest you and the kids at heart. Make way for the for your DS.

We saw a super Elmo and styluses and cases that seem irresistable. These accessories are designed by a gear company known as dreamGear. Almost all of these are available in Best Buy and Toys ‘R Us as of the moment. They also include Sesame Street stick-on decals, kids’ for the DS model and a plus sized DS XL. DreamGEAR plans to unleash the ultimate product which is the Elmo headphone. The styluses and decals costs $12.99 each; the backpacks (“Mini Game Packs”) are priced at $16.99; and as soon as they hit the stores, the headphones will cost $24.99.

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    Cute! I’m sure those sesame street fans, especially kids would love to have that gears. I wonder if there is a World of Warcraft stylus pen also.

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