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No to Fat Talking!

Written on October 17, 2010 by R. Depp

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Think about the next time you attempt to comment about the weight of the girl sitting beside you.

This October, college campuses will put a ban on “.” Though the ban is a temporary resolution, many hope that the impact of this campaign will bring lasting results. It encourages students to be more sensitive when they make comments such as  “Omigosh, you look so good — have you lost weight?”

The activity will commence on October 28 on at least 35 campuses across U.S. Thousand of young adults are expected to participate in the gathering called . This is a national campaign to eliminate language scrutinizing body image. The event revolves around the motto:  “Friends don’t let friends fat-talk.”

This anti-fat-talk campaign is organized to teach young people how be in favor of a realistic and healthier attitude towards weight issues.

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