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Mackenzie Foy Plays Renesmee in Breaking Dawn

Written on October 08, 2010 by B Waldorf

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You are all dying to see the trailer of the finale of Twilight, what more the movie itself? The Twilight Saga finale, Breaking Dawn, is coming on its way. Stephenie Meyer recently revealed who will play Edward and Bella's lovechild.

Hey Fangs! I am sure, just like everyone, you can’t get enough of ’s . We’ve seen and heard about the Denali clan that will help the Cullens in rescuing their beloved Renesmee. But our biggest question is, who will play Renesmee?

It’s official: will play Bella and Edward’s Renesmee. It was confirmed Twilight author herself, Stephenie Meyer, on her Facebook late Wednesday.

“Very excited about our new Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy,” wrote Meyer. “She’s an amazing young actress and I’m excited to work with her.”

Foy, 9, has appeared in TV shows such as “FlashForward” and “‘Til Death.”

The movie Director, Bill Condon will definitely use similar effects as what David Fincher did in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. That is because Renesmee grows rapidly. Movie makers have to show the audience how Renesmee becomes a 17-year-old teenager in only a matter of years.

Just like our the final Harry Potter film, the movie will be split into two parta. One on Novemver 18,2011 and the second part on November 16,2012.

Just last month, “Lost” actress Maggie Grace signed to play Irina, the one that will cause the Volturi to visit the Cullens. Filming begins this November in Baton Rouge, LA.

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