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Palm Hands Out 500 Pre Plus Phones for a Great Cause

Written on October 08, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Palm company is handing out over 500 Pre Plus devices for groups who are working for good causes. In our world full of abuse, violence and crime, there are still people who are full of hope.

It’s good karma for a great cause. We’ve stumbled upon a site called Connections on and we’ve seen something so heartwarming. is giving away 500 Pre Plus phones that carries a $300 worth of Verizon Service. The company is giving it to US who are working for great causes.

The campaign as mentioned earlier, runs on Facebook. For the groups who wants to submit their info, go to Palm will help out group members connect with the phones and highlight the accomplishment for the past month.

Currently participating are the groups Greenlight Apparel, a clothing company with a mission to eliminate child labor, Niemann-Pick children’s fund, which raises funds to help fight and cure Nieman-Pick Disease Type C.

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