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Postal Service is at its Most Difficult Time

Written on October 05, 2010 by R. Depp

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"We need to try and grow revenue. We'll continue to use any tool that we can." ---John E. Potter, Postmaster General

In the age of electronic mail and social media, postal mail is like a thing of the past. The sad news is that the U.S Postal Service is nearing the end of its existence.

The Postal Service has lost huge money for the third consecutive year due to the increasing demand for Internet for everything that consumers needs when it comes to transmitting messages. According to John E. Potter, the total number of letters delivered this year was 7 billion fewer than last year.

It was a difficult week for the Postal Service. The government has denied to increase stamp price plus there was an increase on the payment of the agency for its employees’ health benefits. But the Postmaster General remained optimistic, “we need to try and grow revenue. We’ll continue to use any tool that we can.”

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