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Reason Behind Yahoo’s “Server Hangup”

Written on October 15, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Awhile ago, Yahoo declared "Server Hangup" on their homepage. Users were left dumbfounded. We don't know what's the reason behind this drama, better be alert with whatever is coming.

Yahoo, noted as one of the sites in the world that has most traffic, was down last 5:40 PM. The homepage noted a text saying “Server Hangup” in the browser. But, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance were perfectly working that time.

It just seemed add that this event coincided with ’s announcement of its massive earnings and a day after the rumor came up that is buying Yahoo. Thinking about it, there might be something going on in here. Whatever Yahoo is up to, the company better release its official statement.

Let’s just wait and see where this event is going.

[UPDATE] The regular streaming resumes by 6:10 PM.

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  • Bede P

    Are you kidding? I hope you don’t get paid to dream up this half thought out, poorly written nonsense.

  • Derek Steckert

    its not dreamt up i can say that i cant do anything because of these server  hangups except the news

  • Bret Clancy

    Still getting server hangups as of 10/16/2012 06:40

  • Gail Gregory

    BEDE, at least the fellow TRIED to answer the question.  I’m getting ready to change my yahoo address to or amd see what happens.

  • vincent ebarb

    im getting server hangups too this is starting to suck please fix this

  • noname

    still server hangups and its bad almost everytime I try to do something!!! 7/21/13

  • ralph piperata

    i can go to porno sites but in mail server hangups always

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