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Scratched Eyeglasses for a Perfect Eyesight

Written on October 05, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Ditch your bifocals! Soon, you might be wearing eyeglasses that can help you see things clearly whether your are long or short-sighted. Good thing, there is Zeev Zalevsky.

As we age, the lenses in our eyes often lose the capacity to shape-shift in order to focus light from near objects unto the retina — a condition called . Due to this, people who were already short-sighted were unable to focus on either near or distant objects. Good thing there are that has two lenses in one frame. However, users needs to get used with tilting their head in order to switch focus. And if you are tired of doing so, you’re going to love .

Zalevsky, from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, has developed a technique to turn standard lens into something that focuses light from between 33 centimeters away to the horizon. It involves engraving the surface of a lens with a 25 near-circular structures. Each engraved rings are 2 millimeters apart and contains two concentric rings. It shifts the phase of light waves, leading to a constructive interference. Within these channels, light from both near and distant objects is on focus.

Zalevsky pointed out that people wearing the lenses do not notice a loss in contrast, because the eye is sensitive to low intensity light. More over, the eye learns to fill in the gaps as it shifts from one engraved structure to another. As a result, the brain adapts to the new lenses within a few seconds and minimizes the reduced contrast. So if your neck is tired of moving up or down because of your bifocals, don’t worry. You might soon be wearing spectacles that will enable you to see clearly, no matter how long or short-sighted you are.

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