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Sesame Street Spoof of Old Spice Goes Viral

Written on October 13, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The Old Spice TV ad is a phenomenon. Almost all the TV shows, from kids to adults spoofed the ad. Now, it's Sesame Street's turn. The "Smell Like a Monster" spoof of the Old Spice video became viral on the web. This time, Grover's funny portrayal of Isiah Mustafa made us laugh so hard.

We’ve run through and reported almost all the made about . Now it’s time for our friends to share their very own version of the TV ad. Meet Grover and his “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” spoof. With its 2.6 million views in five days and a rapid spread around the web, it’s quite sensational.

In case you haven’t seen the video yourself, we’ve embedded it below you can just jump to see how funny Grover is. The TV ad features the blue monster Grover as Isiah Mustafa. His video is entitled Smell Like a Monster. Hilarious and really adorable. But there might be some of us who won’t get it, namely, the kids. Sesame Street recently referenced the adult pop culture like Mad Men and True Blood in the past.

Miles Ludwig, Vice President and Executive Producer of Digital Media at Sesame Workshop discussed how they came up with the concept.

“Sesame Street has always used spoofs of popular culture to draw in and connect with its audience,” said Ludwig. “We use spoofs and celebrity appearances to draw in the adult because research shows that a child learns best when co-viewing with an adult.”

The Workshop team watched the video while brainstorming. Hatching ideas for the show’s 41st season premiere.“We thought that a fun, single-shot skit would be an ideal means for us to accomplish this promotion,” Ludwig explained. “We also thought that Grover would do a killer impression of Isaiah Mustafa. So, we set out to shoot the video in a single shot, just as they did it for the .”

Fifty shots were recorded and the version that you see now belong to the 35th.

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