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Category: Money Sells for $13 Million

Written on October 21, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Sex really does sells., a domain name that was once belonged to the now defunct Escom has been sold for a hefty amount of $13 million. The domain's ownership now belongs to Clover Holdings Ltd.

Sorry porn entrepreneurs wannabes, the expensive domain you’ve been wishing to buy all this time is sold. .com, a which went on the block, closed the deal for $13 million. Six months ago, headlined the world when People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals () requested that the now bankrupt to donate the domain to the organization. PETA hopede to use the domain as a tool for their “vegetarians are sexy” ad campaign.

Rumors said that a company called Clover Holdings Ltd. won the bidding and beating the 12 bidders for the domain. In 2006, Escom had bought the domain in no more than $14 million.

Let’s just what the future holds for this domain.

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