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Sony Ericson’s LiveView, Coming at 69 Euros

Written on October 11, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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A 1.3-inch secondary display for Android and an iPod Nano look-a-like at 69 euros or 100 bucks? Can it be a reasonable price for an itsy bitsy Sony Ericsson LiveView?

During late September, announced the . It is a 1.3-inch secondary display for their Android phones that is akin to iPod Nano. However, the company kept hush on the launching date and pricing information. Good thing, a French gadget blog - Le Journal du Geek – managed to get some hands-on with the LiveView at an unmanned trade show. And what’s better is that they took home a juicy bit. According to the blog site, LiveView will hit glasses some time in November with a price tag of €69. Depending on the conversion rate, it works more or less at $100.

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