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Sony Google TV Prices Leaked

Written on October 07, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Sony's Google TV brings excitement that is beyond compare. Yes, we all know about its features, but do you know if it fits your budget? Better read on.

Feel the rush of excitement as people awaits for the arrival of .

Many articles were already published about the the latest product of and . Basically, it is a TV with an Intel processor and the innate ability to surf the web and more. It has the ability to search video services and put up integration with select service providers. You might want to be the first person to take home this hi-tech boobtube. But wait, do you know how much money to spent on this device?

Let us take a deeper look on the Sony Family. Sony might is offering four different TV sets.24′, 32′, 40′, and 46′ models:





Prepare stashes of cash since you have to shed $1299.99 for the 32′ (NSX-32GT1) , $1499.99 for 40′ (NSX-40GT1) and $1899.99 for 46′ (NSX-46GT1). Unfortunately, the price of the 24GT1 model is still unknown.

Some news are saying that Sony Internet TV Box, NSZ-GT1, was listed on an internal website and mentions an eject button, WLAN module, and an included HDMI cable.

We just can’t get enough of Sony’s Google TV.

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