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Testing the Mint Floor-Cleaning Robot

Written on October 30, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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When the Roomba began stumbling over carpets everywhere in 2002, mankind’s dual fascination with robots and avoiding housework finally coalesced. But the Mint tweaked its original concept, gaining nods from all hardwood, tile or linoleum floors with few area rugs.

began in 2002, combining mankind’s fascination with robots and abhorrence to housework. But its original concept was tweaked by ’s automatic floor cleaner. It replaces the suction with wet/dry , in addition to a remotely synced GPS-like movement guide. The Mint is smaller, and it’s a square machine that sweeps and mops the floor. Its locomotion is guided by another sensor placed somewhere in the room that needs cleaning. It cleans in a zig-zag pattern, and returns to its starting point after making sure that everything is spic and span. It can sweep and mop, depending on the that is attached to it.

The sensor and traffic pattern definitely makes Mint one step forward when it comes to efficiency. Thanks to its , the has better spatial awareness that allows more precise cleaning patterns. The cube also prevents the floor-sweeper from tumbling down the stairs. And that is a nice bit of insurance for this little piece of investment.

The only hiccup there is can be found in the sensor cube itself. It seems to have a weaker signal whenever a barrier is placed between it and the cleaner. Thus putting it in the right place is imperative. The cube also limits the navigational range of the Mint, so it really can’t clean the entire house. The solution here is to carry the cube from one room to another as the robot sweeps the floor, or buy another sensor.

Technically, the Mint can’t compete to other automatic sweeper when it comes to sheer cleaning. But it is not necessarily a criticism. For $249.99, the Mint is excellent in taking care all of your light cleaning and sweeping dilemmas.

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