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Empire State Building Joins Twitter and Facebook

Written on October 28, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The city that never sleeps adds another thing for people not to go to slumber. The Empire State Building just got hooked up on Twitter and Facebook.

Famous ’s landmark and  skyscraper, Building, is now on and . The building is taking on the parse.

The folks from the created the Twitter and Facebook profiles under the account,  . These accounts post photos, building info, pop culture stuff and update fans of the famous landmark. This strategy gives people the opportunity to know trivial information about the skyscraper. FYI, the building is nearly approaching its 80th Anniversary so we will receive updates on this monumental celebration.

The social media accounts created for the famous structure encourages fans to communicate their feedbacks, opinions and suggestions for the administration to read.

This only show how powerful social media is in this modern age.

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