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TRON: Legacy trailer is Daft Punk’s Music Video

Written on October 27, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Here's the snitch, the newest trailer of the TRON: Legacy movie is also Daft Punk's official music video for Derezzed. The song is included in the movie's official soundtrack. Jump to the video to see what awesome means.

Talk about multitasking. ’s new : Legacy is in fact not just a . It is also ’s Derezzed official . The song is also featured on the movie. It a good combination of great graphics and music.

Some of the footages came from the older version of the TRON: Legacy Trailer but there are also some new stuff. Plus, there is an actual cameo for the Daft Punk. Check out the video below.

The movie is on theaters across US and Canada this December 17 while sountracks will hit stores on November 22. There is a 20-minute preview in 3D at IMAX this Thursday via TRON Night presentation.

Here’s the video:

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