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Tumblr Queues Get an Ovehaul

Written on October 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Tumblr fans, your benevolent overlords have just bestowed upon you a gift the likes of which you can never hope to repay. Thank God, Tumblr queues are no longer the headache-inducing deathtraps they once were.

are no longer a headache, because the hub for tons of images, videos and texts got a new UI/UX tweaks. If a user spends endless hours surfing the web to hand-pick blog materials before, it’s not the same way anymore. Users can now rearrange their posts quickly through a simple drag-and-drop. More over, it is now easy to get back to the top of the page because of the nifty “page up” button.

With the interface much sleeker and the relevant data taking the front end, your queued posts are now lazy-loaded for speed and efficiency! With Tumblr’s new look, users can now save time in accomplishing their blogging tasks. And that is what Tumblr blogging is all about.

A Tumblr user? What do you think of the new Tumblr Queues?

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