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TweetDeck for Android is Finally Here

Written on October 14, 2010 by B Waldorf

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After ages of waiting, just before your patience drains out, TweetDeck 1.0 for Android is finally unleashed. The snitch is, the Apple version is modeled after the Android version when usually it plays vice versa.

At last! After ages of being in beta, is now here for . 1.0 is now ready for download on the . for Android is not only for but for , and as well.

According to the announcement, TweetDeck notes 36,000 plus users joined the TweetDeck beta. TweetDeck also noted that the new versions for Apple will be modeled after the Android version.

If you already acquired the beta version of TweetDeck have it uninstalled before getting the TweetDeck 1.0. Don’t forget to follow @deckondroid to get the latest updates.

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