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Category: SocialMedia

Twitter Welcomes its New Search Engine

Written on October 07, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The invasion of social media is unstoppable. Twitter came up with its veru own Search Engine. Discover how this thing works.

I was awoken by ’s new and outstanding architectural framework. In layman’s term, I’m referring to the all new . The micrblogging site unveiled its .

Twitter is definitely experiencing many upgrades these days. It scales 100% better than the old one, more per second and a lot more improvements. And no, Twitter is no longer under . The 2008 acquisition has long been expired. The search architecture is no longer based. Six months ago, Twitter decided to make the switch to Lucene, a 10-year-old open-source information retrieval software.

“We rewrote big parts of the core in-memory data structures,” said Busch. “Especially the posting lists, while still supporting Lucene’s standard APIs. The team also improved garbage collection, added lock-free data structures and algorithms and a few other niceties.”

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