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BlackSheep Protects You from Firesheep

Written on November 09, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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If you’re concerned about using open Wi-Fi networks because of Firesheep, you should check out BlackSheep. It is a Firefox add-on that makes surfing on open networks safe once again.

A luminary when it comes to hacking tools, keeps many users weary when using an open Wi-Fi network. It’s like a code that allows almost anyone to access another user’s web account via session hijacking. Therefore, anyone browsing on un-protected Internet Connection — like Starbucks network — is at risk.

One way to prevent such hijacking is through using a VPN every time a user logs on. But for the average internet consumer, this can be a hassle. Hence, was made. It is a simple add-on released by a cloud security firm named . BlackSheep warns a user if someone in the network is using a Firesheep. Thus, it can now be safe to browse the web on any network, and only takes extra precautions whenever necessary.

How does the BlackSheep work? It can detect Firesheep’s request to websites using other user’s cookies with fake values. This can be done by asking permission to sites known to Firesheep every five minutes. If anyone in the network uses a fraud value to make requests, then BlackSheep will warn a user’s current browser. To ensure its effectiveness, Zscalers’ Blacksheep was based on Firesheep’s code. Make your browsing secured by getting the BlackSheep free.

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