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Chrome Gets Its Own PDF Viewer

Written on November 05, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Viewing PDF file using Chrome causes headache to many people. But finally, Google came up with its very own PDF viewer. It is still in beta so first thing first, switch first to beta.

For the fans and supporters who are way too loyal with , viewing files in the is such a pain in the ass. Good thing is rolling out a better way to view PDFs on . ’s built in PDF reader will be available in beta versions only. If you are using the non-beta then download the beta to get this update.

“To open a PDF document, you’d typically need to install additional software or browser plug-in in order to view it in a web browser. With the integrated Chrome now available in Chrome’s beta, you can open a PDF document in Chrome without installing additional software. The PDF document will load as quickly and seamlessly as a normal web page in the browser,” said Googler John Abd-El-Malek on Google Chrome .

Good job for Google for creating such innovation. This does not mean kicking on the shins but simply finding faster way to manipulate PDFs.

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