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Discover New Twitter Apps with OneForty

Written on November 10, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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It's a fun way to discover new tools and see which ones are becoming popular among people you know. Good thing, OneForty is experimenting a new dashboard view that displays the new Twitter apps your friends started using.

Discovering new tools and seeing what’s becoming popular with your circle of friends can be fun. Thus, is experimenting with a new dashboard view. This new displays the new apps your pals are starting to use in a newsfeed format. OneFourty founder, Linda Fitton, states that it watches the public feeds of your friends that are also part of OneFourty. It can see when your friend publishes with a new app, and combines that passive data with user reviews submitted to the OneFourty website.

OneFourty is currently testing various dashboard displays using Performable. In addition to a raw newsfeed, they will settle in a summary view of the OneFourty dashboard. Want to know the popular your tweeps are using? Start learning from your friends, and see your OneFourty dashboard now!

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