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F1 for Firefox: Easy Sharing Made Possible

Written on November 11, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Mozilla Firefox now comes with a F1 extension which links and shares you stumbled upon on the web to your social networking profiles. You relay the information you found to social media platforms in a single click.

’s Messaging team has launched F1 today. This is a extension that makes sharing content easier.

F1 gives its users an all-in-one frame above the content they are currently viewing. Once the accounts are all connected, users just need to click the F1 icon on the tool bar to share the page with friends from , and . No need to do multiple clicks. This will interlace social accounts into one with the use of a simpler interface.

F1 is also being expanded. Mozilla’s designer Bryan Clark posted today on the company blog:

“[Eventually], the system should know which sharing service you use, and offer to use those! That will require sharing services to advertise to the browser that they offer a sharing API and the browser to see which services you use.

“Furthermore, sharing is not a standardized activity, so some protocol is likely needed for user agents to offer users the service they want without having to know about all of them.”

Publishers have a ll the rights to experiment on this and interested parties can check out the F1 Wikipedia page for details.

Meanwhile, press play to watch the the demo.

Mozilla Labs F1 from Mozilla Messaging on Vimeo.

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