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Facebook Status Updates Tells the Break-Up Story

Written on November 03, 2010 by B Waldorf

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From the Friendship wall and the EX-communication with your ex, David McCandless, an infographic genius tells you when is Break-up at its peak. And how did he attain such information? Where else, but your Facebook status update.

David McCandless an infographic wizard made a very very interesting data visualization that is now on the world wide web. This is quite extraordinary since it doesn’t just depict the graph of ’s world dominance, instead this is a study on the most common time of the year wherein couple break-up –via status.

McCandless revealed the chart during a TED talk this past Summer. His intelligent team gathered 10,000 status updates with phrases like “break up” and “broken up.” They discovered a few relevant and unbelievable things.

  1. 1. Couples Break-up before social occasions like Spring Break and Summer.
  2. 2.Mondays are not always the start of the week but the end of a long forgotten love.
  3. 3.People don’t ditch their partners during the Holiday seasons.

Here’s the graph about Facebook and their role on your romance life:

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