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Firefox 4 Beta 7: Almost There

Written on November 11, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Firefox 4 Beta 7 is out, and it's an impressive preview of the final release. What are you waiting for? Download it, and don't forget to give its liquored-up simian core a spin.

4 is now out with an impressive preview! The new 4 has let loose the JeagerMonkey engine, enabled hardware graphics acceleration on Mac and Windows, and integrated Sync with Panorama. These leave the new beta with a superb engine for rendering web pages, web apps and games interpretation.

’s three benchmark test chart shows some improvements over their last release.

They also made the case clear for JavaScript’s performance along the future’s web apps in a demonstration video.

Mozilla also included hardware-based graphic acceleration, together with the raw-code and horse-power inclusions in this beta. Beta 7 can be downloaded on your Windows, Mac and Linux systems for free. Give it a spin, and don’t forget to share your findings here at .

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