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Get a “Baggage Handler” Badge from Foursquare

Written on November 24, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Starting today, the location-sharing service - Foursquare - will award a badge to anyone who checks in at an airport with words along the lines of “TSA,” “touch,” or “Don’t touch my junk!”

In support for the , will hand a Baggage Handler award to anyone who checks in at an airport along the “,” “touch” or “Don’t touch my junk!” lines starting today. The National Opt-Out Day is a protest for ’s new security measures, including full-body scanners and invasive pat-downs, to passengers who refuse to have a scan. The new procedures just went down today as the airports are sure to be bustling.

With Foursquare having its own piece of the parody pie, are you eating your share already?

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