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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: An Epic Review

Written on November 22, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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As the movie installment of the famous Harry Potter series is nearing its end, it is no longer a mystery that Potterheads deeply loved the boy who lived. What are the magics that Deathly Hallows possesses this time?

The fandom has been in the scene for such a long time. And people of all ages from varying professions clamor up whenever a new movie installment is hitting the screen. Hence, it is no denying that every Potterhead around the world made their way to the cinema when the penultimate movie series takes the big screen.

Knowing that some part of the books were omitted in the movie, there were scenes that were added too to hype up the emotions. For instance, there was no discussion as to why the Dursleys needs to leave Privet Drive. However, the movie showed how Hermione Granger (played by ) reluctantly removed her parents’ memories by casting a Memory Charm. Aside from the induced and omitted scenes, there were also parts of the movie where emotions were not properly stirred. For one, Hedwig’s death was not given enough justice. It’s not enough that shouted the owl’s name after it was hit by an Avada Kedavra. There were no emotions whatsoever in that particular scene, when in fact it was one of the most devastating part of the novel. More over, the announcement of Mad Eye’s death seems like not a big deal to them. It’s like “Okay, Mad Eye’s dead. That’s it. End of the story.”

But be that as it may, the first part of the Deathly Hallows is indeed an epic as what would other Harry Potter fans would say. The movie showed how the famous wizard trio had matured. Daniel Radcliffe, on one hand, showcased how versatile of an actor he was during the Seven Potters scene. He may be Harry Potter in seven forms, but he properly portrayed who’s George and Fred Weasley, who’s Mundungus Fletcher, who’s Fleur, and who’s that’s been complaining about his awful vision. Emma Watson, meanwhile, gives justice as to why was sorted to Gryffindor despite being intelligent. In this particular movie, Watson successfully takes the role of a very brilliant girl who is also determined to help his best friend — even if it tantamounts to big sacrifices. Her facial expressions, the quivering of her lips, the watery eyes all paved its way to personify Hermione Granger. , who played , is less of a comedian this time. He showed strong features of being a determined pal to Harry, and did not show much of his funny expressions this time. was brilliant with showing how Ron Weasley concerns himself with Hermione, of how much he tried to repulse his fears with the spiders, and how he struggled to refuse whatever it is in the locket that’s been telling him. Over all, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and was able to flesh out the famous HP Trio more and in a very distinct way.

But more than anything, a good credit is rightful for Dobby and his death. It was the most moving moment in the entire movie. The free elf, the house elf that has no master was still the elf that loves to help Harry Potter and his friends. And while Ron Weasley is no longer the funny character that we used to know, that part was played well by Dobby. Being talkative when Harry Potter is around, and delivering dialogs that sounds sarcastic though it is not intended is what makes Dobby a character that is light and laughter. However, it went the other way around when the house elf died. And in those darkest moments in the movie, the scene was well-lit. It was lighted enough to show the dark and deep emotions emanating from the characters involved.

Indeed, the lighting and the musical score has played a big role in the movie. The lights and sounds opposed the norm in a specific scene. During the sad parts, the lights were bright and the music was upbeat. Hence, different feelings were revealed. But albeit it was contradicting, these elements were able to give the movie a twist. In the book, the scene that seems to be dark and deep and surreal was clear, up-front and serene in the movie. The day time was there to clearly show the sullen expressions of the actors, while the hyped music expresses that there is something more to it than what we saw. Obviously, the cast and crew of the film did all of these things because there is something more coming up.

And while many says that the movie was cut short in the scene where Voldemort got the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s grave, yours truly feels that it was the proper scene to be the end of the beginning. As Voldemort rises to power, it only means that the real action is yet to begin.

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  • Rio Angela Ilagan Quiza

    I agree, I love how Daniel, Emma and Rupert act with their respective characters. I also love the scene where Dobby helping Kretcher to capture Mundungus Fletcher it’s so funny! :D I love the musical score and effect of the movie. These is the first time I cried in any harry potter movies because of Dobby. Yes I became sad when Sirius and Dumbledore died but it’s different with Dobby because he reminds me of my dog.

    Well anyway, I agree with you that they did not much give credit to Hedwig and mad eyes death. It feels like they just past through to that certain scene. As if is not a big deal for harry losing Hedwig.

    I think the ending is ok with me, great cut of the story. It makes me more excited to watch the last part of deathly hollows. Can wait for the real actions begin…=D

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