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Hollywood’s Top Ten Richest Young Celebrities

Written on November 01, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The glitz and glamor of Hollywood is overwhelming. But there are still those Hollywood stars that say hello to both glam and money. Here are the top 10 richest not to mention young celebrities in Hollywood.

When you are in the lime light of Hollywood, you must be earning gargantuan dollars. But still there are still Hollywood actors and actresses on top of you. We are listing down the top 10 young, famous and filthy rich Hollywood personalities. You might be shocked that at a young age they are earning the monthly income of a country.

1. The Olsens

You might wonder how much is there Gross Annual Income. Well we’ll give you a hint. They have a $1 Billion empire. DualStar. They’re image models. They have their own fashion line and they are the happiest girls in the whole wide world. Now you wish you are one of the twins.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

You might be so shocked that he’s just second, well we are quite astounded too. But surely Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is second most filthy rich kid in Hollywood. We are helping him become more and more rich, especially that now we’ll be seeing the finale of the saga that absorbed the Wizarding World.

3. Hilary Duff

Hilary is Queen of Hollywood. She gets $2 million per flick, plus she has a fashion line and a musical career. She gets a $25 million net income per year. And not only that, she also has a heart of gold. She plans to donate $200,000 to Red Cross and $50,000 to other less fortunate victims of natural disasters. So maybe that’s why she has all the gifts to humankind. Not to mention that she’s married right now.


Hollywood isn’t fair. They say that if you’re rich you are ugly. or if you’re beautiful you’re poor. But why in the name of Hollywood is Scarlett Johannson beautiful and rich at the same time? That body, that face plus a $16 million yearly income? Talk about UNFAIR.


You may hate her for how she spends her dollars. Well we do too. But imagine that cute little girl from Parent Trap? Who would have thought that one day Lindsay will be like this? She’s one of the five-richest celeb in the US.


She’s an all time favorite. We will never contest to that. She started as an extra in ER and now, she earns $4 million plus plus. Surely our little Vampire is no longer little.


Do you know that Hayden could be the best-paid cheerleader of all time ($2 million)? At the age 17 she’s a Heroes superstar, Neutrogena model, and a recording artist. She’s blond and she’s really beautiful. Did we mention rich?


She plays Gabriella on famed High School Musical, she’s Zac Efron’s girl and she’s a movie star. Now tell me what more can you ask? Vanessa Hudgens surely is a gifted individual.


She has done 13 films by the end of 2008. She’s nominated for an Academy Award and she’s just 11. So she’s not yet a teen and she’s earning $1.5 million. At a young age, she’s definitely a millionaire.

10. Tyler James Williams

This fifteen year old got all the positive praises in his role as the young Chris Rock on ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ With a whooping $1.2 Million salary, he won’t even care if you hate him.

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