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iPhone 4’s Hottest Accessories

Written on November 18, 2010 by B Waldorf

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iPhone 4 is a phenomenal device of the modern age. Since almost everybody has one, there is a need to stand out from the usual black color which defined the smartphone. Gadg will help you stay unique with these coolest accessories suitable for iPhone 4.

Do you feel that having an iPhone 4 is not enough? Just like what everybody else is thinking, you want your phone to be unique. And what is the best way to do that? You purchase phone accessories. With the wide arrays of mobile accessories in the market today, Gadg will help you choose the best for your iPhone.

1. - From the popular Beats headphones, Monster teamed up once again with Dr. Dre to offer the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo on-ear headphones. The Solo headphones have a smaller, lighter design than their predecessor, but offer amazing sound quality. Just the right one for today’s digital music, the headphones provide deep bass, a bold midrange, and clear, undistorted treble so you can hear every detail.

2. – Beatbox unleashed the driving bass, lush midrange, and soaring highs of a multi-speaker club system in one compact and portable box. Share your music to your friends and get the party started.

3. -USA – Grab your iPhone 4, a pair of Nike+ shoes, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or Sensor. Put the sensor in your Nike+ shoe — there’s a built-in pocket specifically designed for it under the insole. The sensor tracks your run, then sends the data to your iPhone 4.

4. The X-Box 360 case – To protect your iPhone 4 from scratches and bumps, get this unique and one of a kind with a controller charm. It’s unusual. So in case you don’t want to bump into someone with the same Apple case, grab one now.

5. – iPhone 4 is such a pricey gadget that you’ll do anything to protect it. Otterbox Defender Case is the best bet for your iPhone 4 case as far as protection is concern.

6. - If you like watching videos on your iPhone, but the decency of the screen is a problem, then you will love this video dock from Philips. Just like a regular iPhone dock for listening to your music through a stereo system with proper speakers, but with the addition of a 7 inch LCD screen that lets you watch your videos as well as enjoy your music.

7. – Looking for a Bluetooth headset that works great with the iPhone 4? Then, Gadg recommends the Aliph Jawbone ICON Ace Bluetooth Headset. Not only does it look so gorgeous, but also there is a selection of different designs available and only one simple button to press.

8. -iPhone 4 must be one of  the many electronic devices you have that needs regular charging. With the IDAPT i4 you can charge your new iPhone 4 and pretty much anything else (over 3,500 to be exact) using one universal docking device. All in one.

9. – Gelaskins are iPhone 4 skins that ensures scratch free devices with designs which suit your taste. If you want skin that are all-originals, then check out their website now.

10. – If you’re a frustrated rockstar, then iRig is oerfect for you. You just plug into your iPhone’s headphone jack, and connect your guitar cable into the other end and you are ready to rock and roll.


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