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iPhone Freemium Apps: Win-Win Situation

Written on November 11, 2010 by R. Depp

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Freemium apps are in-demand right now for iPhone users. Why not? Users try out a game and move along if they want. It is also beneficial for developers since they have the chance to sell premium features of their apps. It is just beneficial to both parties, isn't it?

A deeper look on the popular apps boils down to the conclusion that 34 of the top 100 apps are offered for free. The companies behind these apps gain profit from in-app purchases and premium features. The growth of Freemium Appls is significant since several developers see it as a successful path to take.

In a statistics gathered by App Annie, there are only two in January but today, there are already 20 apps available. These 20 apps are part of the 50 apps which offer in-app purchases.

Despite the huge growth, contribute only small percentage of apps in general. The percentage was not an issue these days since are raking more money by being on the top apps.

As of the moment, some of top-grossing are Restaurant Story, Tap Zoo, NBA Game Time 2010-2011, Haypi Kingdom and Kingdoms at War. These apps were launched a couple of months ago but already claimed huge revenues. that long been known to be moneymakers are Plants vs. Zobies, Madden NFL and Doodle Jump.

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