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It’s Official: The British Monarchy Facebook Page

Written on November 09, 2010 by R. Depp

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A surprising announcement: the British Monarchy joins Facebook. Would you hit the ‘Like’ button for this one?

The page went live Monday morning and became the official page of the British Monarchy. This page represents the each member of the monarchy. It was put in a single profile rather than individual pages for each member of the family.

This is the fourth instance that the Britain’s royal family joined the social networking scene. In 2007, the channel on YouTube was put together. In 2009, a Twitter account was made and followed by an official photostream via Flickr.

The page was a project of the Buckingham palace, Clarence House and the Royal Collection. This page will feature current news and information about , Princes Charles, William and Harry.

Once a user click the ‘Like’ button, fresh updates about the Royal Family’s activities will be posted on the user’s Facebook News Feed.

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