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Justin Bieber will Never Hit a Girl, It’s Just a Facebook Scam

Written on November 07, 2010 by R. Depp

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Did Justin Bieber really punched a girl? Better think twice before clicking the link because it is just another bogus app polluting Facebook walls.

is not yet over. Even is not spared with this virus. Recently, there was a link that promises to show young singer smacking a girl. Who could not resist such sight?

This malware is passed around as a wall post that says:  “OH MY GOD!…Justin BIEBER Hits Girl For NO Reason! OMG! This Is So Badd!” Clicking the link will lead you to different sites which will ask for your email. If you are too gullible to believe this trick, the app will repost the link on your wall ands starts messaging people on your friend’s list.

In case you already fell for this trick, you can remove it by going to the Applications and Websites page (under Privacy Settings). You can also begin sending notes of apologies to your friends for your fondness with Justin Bieber.

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