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Kids to Santa: We Want an iPad for Christmas

Written on November 24, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Most kids like Christmas because it is the season when they get want they wish for. But a survey shows that kids these days do not want the usual toys and candies. Surprise parents, your kid wants an iPad!

Just like the adult, almost all the American want an for Christmas.

According to the latest from Nielsen, 31% of kids ages 6 to 12 years old indeed wants and iPad over any other playing device. The tabletĀ  ranked second with 29% together with the iPod Touch. The was conducted last October. The survey includes 17 different kinds of electronic devices; from TVsĀ  to game consoles and mobile phones.

It shows that only 11% wanted an e-reader; maybe Amazon’s marketing effort isn’t good enough.

Young adults aged 18 and up showed extra interest in buying a computer (20%) over the next six months, followed by getting a TV (19%), a smartphone (19%) and iPad (18%). The e-readers sprung more popularity (15%) to the young adult crowd, while the consoles became less significant.

Even though the iPad carries a big dollar price tag, parents of the to-be iPad owners are in luck. The device will be available in more stores soon.

So kids, for greater chances of getting an iPad, start being more nice than naughty.

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