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Location-Based Online Services Post Threats to Soldiers

Written on November 21, 2010 by R. Depp

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Keeping information private nowadays is a hard thing to do. Even the U.S. Air Force worries that their exact location can be traced by the enemies via location-based services popular on social network websites.

U.S. Air Force came to realize that social networks might be a threat to their military strategies. Officials are worried that some troops who carelessly update their profiles on social networking sites will also divulged confidential geolocation data.

This kind of issue is not new to the armed forces. The new problem is about the location-based services of social networks like , Places and Twitter which can reveal the forces exact coordinate and which the enemies can trace.

Most of these services of social networking websites are optional. It still depends on the user’s permission to allow a website to access such information. The best solution to avoid leaking important data is to educate the soldiers about the proper use of these social media tools.

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