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Microsoft Kinect — Hacked and Cracked

Written on November 08, 2010 by B Waldorf

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even before it heated up a lot of people in the universe, a very persistent not to mention great hacker who happen to have hacked the PlayStation Eye in 2008 has opened up Kinect. Surely he can earn a good fortune from this, but the genius isn't into money. Jump into the video to see how it goes.

Sorry , your has been opened already. A motion sensing camera is ready for battle and displays a real time accelerometer data on a ’s PC. The NUI group member apparently had the glory which was not actually his first stardom. He was actually the one who hacked PlayStation Eye in 2008. The $2,000 prize Adafruit is offering isn’t enough. He aims a bigger lot and hopes to integrate in into the company’s commercial visualization CL Studio Live.

Here’s the you wouldn’t want to miss:

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