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New Facebook Messages: Boon or Bane?

Written on November 17, 2010 by R. Depp

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First few people who already tried the new messaging system of Facebook share their thoughts.

Many were skeptical about ’s new Messages platform. Some say the all in one messages/txt/IM platform is unique but it is overwhelming at first. Read on the the selection below on see how people perceived the new feature on messages.

* Guys from Lifehacker have mixed feeling about the new Facebook message system. On one side, people from Lifehacker are saying that it might arise to a mess because of the appearance of all the messages exchanged in one single thread. On the other side, some say this is more effective and organized than Gmail’s Priority Inbox.

* Next, a staff from ZDNet tried the new messaging system and found himself a little lost. The staff’s biggest complaint was the confusing SMS integration.

* Then, a source from PC World voiced out two important points about the the new feature. First, Facebook search tools are unimpressive and just led to a disastrous messages digging. Second, there is no way messages can be deleted individually.

* Lastly, a writer from Fortune dubbed the new message system, as the “rise of the IM generation.” Though this writer did not exactly say whether the new system is good or bad.

Nevertheless, Facebook’s new system is an impressive innovation but still need to be tested to find its strengths and weakness.

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