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[REVIEW] Why Use the Internet Explorer 9?

Written on November 28, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The Internet Explorer browser is almost out of the business when Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox entered the scene. However, Internet Explorer came back from the dead. Now, why should you use Internet Explorer?

Users who seldom browse the web used the once. But as time goes by, different types of browsers came up and users had a change of taste. Thus, IE hes been left behind. But , all through out the years, has produced a very good market share among its competitors. Though a bit down from where it used to be, it still remains standing. Mainly because they were brought to by Microsoft, or maybe because users trust IE so much that it’s difficult to let go.

But the battle didn’t end there. IE lie low for quite some time to produce an amazing browser that will make its competitors bow for its glory. All within the power vested upon the all-new Internet Explorer 9.

Seriously, every browser needs a diagram on its advantages and disadvantages.  All We Like, therefore, is showing the browser’s capability to bring out satisfaction and disaster to the lives of users.

Here are the reasons why we should use it:

* Since the browser is very familiar, IE9 offers a simple and decent User Interface.
* It has an improved JavaScript Engine.
* The speed is much better than previous versions.
* Supports HTML5.
* UI emphasizes more on the content rather than the toolbars like status bars and the IE logo.
* Browser warns users when an add-on will slow down the its performance.
* New Download Manager tool.
* Compatibility with the Latest Web Standards and Services.
* Enables users to pin their favorite websites to the Window’s Taskbar.


* Some interface changes can be uncomfortable in the beginning.
* HD Video performance is a bit better with Chrome and Firefox.
* Restart is required when the browser needs to update.


Now that the reasons to love and hate IE9 is listed, the overall review seems to be good. It has won over its predecessors. And though it’s still on Beta, a competition with Firefox and Chrome should be expected when the browser becomes fully built. But without a doubt, Microsoft received two thumbs up for this.


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