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Category: SocialMedia

RockMelt Puts a Clever Twist on Internet Browsing

Written on November 09, 2010 by B Waldorf

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RockMelt is not a new brand of candy but actually a new browser with sweet features. RockMelt, social media browser, puts a unique twist on your browsing experience. Find out how.

sounds like a name of a new snack or candy. But actually, it is a new that uses authentication to sync a user’s to machines. The was released today in beta.

RockMelt makes browsing experienced profiled. Bookmarks, settings and everything is backed up online. For users, they will not go out of bounds with RockMelt. It uses which was an open source project from . Moreover, RockMelt user can list down Facebook contacts so chat is just a click away. Bookmarks can be placed on the other side of the browser. The content is cached and can be revisted anytime.

The elements of the browser are both compelling and streamlined for online interaction. Guaranteed to support and .

Here’s a quick demo of the project:

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