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Saving at Least $100 a Month

Written on November 23, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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You don't need a financial adviser if you want to know how you can save your cash. There are simple ways that you can do to cut off your expenses, and it all starts in your home.

In today’s tumultuous economy, it is frugal to find ways on how to save money. There are simple ways to shave off your expenses, and the solutions can also be found inside the four corners of your home. If you take All We Like’s nearly effortless ways to hang on to your hard-earned green, you’ll likely to save at least $100 a month around the house.

Rethink Your Cable and Internet Services

Expert says that you can save money by bundling your cable and internet services. However, make sure to read the fine print carefully before you leap into bundling. There are some cases that bundling your cable and internet services can be more expensive, so it’s still better to weight things. But if you’re really an eager-beaver in saving, just drop the cable altogether. There are services like that enables you to watch your favorite TV series for free. But the really best way to save money on TV is to simply give up your expensive couch potato habits, and think about the priorities that matters to you.

Conserve Water

If you are drowning in your monthly water bills, start washing your clothes with cold water. Why? Because every load of laundry done in hot water wastes energy. Another way is to install a low-flow shower head in your bathroom. The nice thing about low-flow shower head is that they maintain high water pressure, and it does not let the water trickle.

But the most no-brainer way to save water is to simply use your appliances less frequently. Need to use your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher? Just wait until you have a full load.

Trim Your Electric Bills

Each month, electric bills silently drains your cash, preventing you from building a sizable emergency or retirement fund. There are three quick and painless ways to trim those utility bills:

1. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs
2. Lower the temperature on your water heater
3. Dry your newly washed clothes on a clothesline or rack whenever

Check your local utility company also for any incentive or rebate programs. These programs enable the power company to shut off some of your appliances briefly whenever there is particularly high demand in energy. In return, you’ll get credit or discount on your monthly bill.

Use magicJack or Skype

If you are fed up with your phone bills, try to switch to an alternative phone service like magicJack or Skype. Such services let you make local or long distance calls for a fraction of a price of a traditional phone service. If you don’t want to drop your traditional phone carrier, have other options to save money. For instance, you can cancel the long distance service from your phone carrier and use calling cards instead. If you need a second phone line, magicJack works well for that purpose. When it comes to your monthly cellphone bill, you can save money by cutting down on your minutes and switching to a basic plan. Give the pay-as-you-go cellphone plan a spin whenever possible.

To sum it all up, the best way to save money is to think and weight things if whether they’re just wants or needs. Be certain if what you’re doing or spending for now is a necessity. Otherwise, simply give it up.


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