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Category: Entertainment

Steve Jobs’ Amazing Action Figure

Written on November 22, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Before, only super heroes get action figures. But now, miniature figures are designed after some famous CEOs. The first to experience such privilege is Steve Jobs. The mini-me of Apple's main man wear his signature looks and holds a replica of his prized invention.

If you are someone who purchase everything ’s produces then this product is the ultimate must-have for you. Get the and add it to your vast Apple collection.

The action wears Jobs’ signature look, which involves blue jeans, black turtle neck and rimless glasses. The toy even wears a New Balance 991 sneakers.

The mini Steve Jobs even carries a miniature iPhone 4 on his left hand. The toy has bubble cards where a person can write reminders or thoughts cited by the Apple CEO. are selling the toys for $79.90 each.

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