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The Best Games to Play on Facebook

Written on November 17, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Aside from the usual things you do on Facebook like updating the status, adding friends, writing comment and sharing videos, there's more to it than just that. Discover exciting games you and your friends can play all day, everyday.

If you are on Facebook,  you already encountered notifications inviting you to play various games. In case you are curious to know what these games are, better read the list below.

Here are the top 20, best and most played games on Facebook. Built a farm, a restaurant, a town or take care of  your pets,  and fishes; name it, Facebook has it. Facebook brings role-play games to another level. Check out the games you want to play yourself.

1. FarmVille

– Virtual farming at its finest. Start planting crops and grow your farm in no time. Aside from that, you can buy animals as well. Upgrade with the different features this games offers. Be one of the 60 million players online everyday!

2. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

– If you things about hold ‘em and fold ‘em cards then this is the game for you. The best poker game is on Facebook. Play it with friends and random people and update your status. You know how to bluff right?

3. FrontierVille

– Traveling to wild wild west has never been this easy. Create your own town, keep nature at bay with all the wild creatures and plants. Accomplish missions and grow your community little by little.

4. Mafia Wars

– This game is a fusion of The Godfather, Scarface, Mafia II or Grand Theft Auto. A passion for mob-life is what will make you survive this game. Earn huge stacks of cash by completing tasks.


– Running a cafe is hard, but making it virtual is easy. This game gives players Catering Missions to complete. Players can also seek the  help from people on their friend’s list by hiring them to work in the cafe.


– Dig into Zynga’s treasures on this one click adventure on Facebook. Dig up items on islands and  also get to know the ninja monkeys.

7. PetVille

– This game involves feeding your pet, dressing it up, bathing it regularly and earning money coins for your beloved pet. Creativity wise, you will enjoy every bit of Petville.


– This game is about word games, puzzles, card games and all-time favorite video games. Skip your errands and start playing MindJolt.


– Just like petville, Pet Society main priority is taking care of your pet. But what is it difference from Pet Ville? Upgrades on Pet Society are way cooler.


-The Bejeweled is now on Facebook. Match gems just like in the old game and see how you rank against your friends or competitors online.


– Run your own virtual fishtank with Happy Aquarium. Keep it algae free, feed your fish and make them happy.

12. Zoo World

– Being a REAL zoo keeper is hard. But when it is a virtual zoo, life can be hassle-free. Be the keeper of the world’s largest zoo, all you need to do is take care of more pets to invite more visitors.


– Time to play restaurateur with Playfish. This game is very similar with Cafe World but it focuses more on collecting ingredients rather than cooking them.

14. Market Street

– Your retail frustrations are all welcome here. This game will test you whether you can carry own to build your own store.


– FishVille lets players have their own virtual fish tanks, feeding them and buying more fishes to take care. The only difference  from other games is that the fishes can die.


– Pile cats in your room, take good care of them and play with them. But you can also own dogs, gerbils, bunnies and pet dinosaurs. Name it!


– Keep the party going until the break of dawn. Running a bar in real time requires huge effort but when it is online, it is a different story.


– Gear up your crib, work to earn, visit friends and live an easy life. Feel like your on a virtual chatroom when you are on YoVille.

19. Happy Island

– Create an island resort of your dreams. Buy upgrades and decors to make your place more attractive for visitors and tourists.

20. Hotel City

– Thinking of building a hotel? Then,  you need huge capital. But when it is Facebook? One word to describe the experience: FUN. Turn your hotel into a luxury place, and earn stash of cash in a matter of seconds.


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