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The Best iPad Apps for Kids

Written on November 21, 2010 by B Waldorf

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It's not all the time that adults uses their iPad, most of them have kids that want to take the device a spin. If that's the case, get ready to download a mixed up of fun and educational applications on your iPad.

The Apple has transformed your life. With an , you have a tablet, a game console, a device to watch movies with, read books, etc. But then if you have younger siblings, or in any case kids who just reached toddler-hood, you should at least have apps for them. Today, AllWeLike is listing down child-friendly apps that doubles up as an educational entertainment for your kiddos.

Now that might be so cliche, but still some it are true. At least app developers considered making applications for children of all ages — including you of course. So if you are looking for an and the kids at heart, you might be interested to read the following:

1. : Helps young children learn the alphabet and phonics with this cute, illustrated app. Grab one before they start school.

2. : Your kids will have to fill in the missing letter to form words, accompanied by bright colored pictures.

3. : Playing this, kids will spell out words so that Clifford and his friends can think of things to paint. Clifford is cute too.

4. – Dictionary and Thesaurus: This one’s very useful. Not just for kids but for adults as well. This easy-to-use app features a search bar, thesaurus, search history and word of the day.

5. : Hey, it’s not only Dora who can speak Spanish! Let your kids learn other languages. Introduce or help your kids review Spanish with this app that features native speaker audio, puzzles, written tests, flash cards, and a multiple choice quiz.

6. : Kids are tasked to find and combine words in order to build up their “textropolis” in this game.

7. iWrite Words: If your kid is reaching toddler-hood and wants to learn how to write, this one’s the right game for him. Little children learn to write by tracing words with this game.

8. : Kids have to rearrange letters to form basic words, improving their vocabulary and sight reading. Reminds us strongly of TEXTWIST.

9. : If your kids don’t have time for a typing class, they can use this app to learn how to type faster and more accurately.

10. : It helps your kids with basic grammar. Learn adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, infinitives, gerunds, conjunctions, and other grammar basics.

Now that the best apps for your kids were listed already, are you ready to take a pick?


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