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The Hidden Dangers of Facebook

Written on November 17, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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With Facebook being so popular nowadays, having 500 million users is no brainer. But among these millions of users, how many of them can pose threat on your personal information?

With having 500 million users, the issue on how they handle privacy still remains. Simply put, not all of users are protected from prying eyes, and unwanted marketers. Your privacy may be at far greater risk of being exploited when you log on to . It is no mystery that the company came under fire due to allegations that the site manipulates to make users’ personal information available for commercial use. But the issue does not settle on that. There are many dangers hiding under ’s wings.

1. Your information is being shared to

Facebook can be the most popular social networking site in the whole wide world, but there are certainly growing pains. With security holes being found on a regular basis, the young company is trying to figure this out. Indeed, the company is so young that they are focused on how to make money. Third parties have all kinds of ways to access your information. You may not realize that when you’re playing a popular application in Facebook, your information is being leaked to third parties. And while there are a lot of criticisms in terms of how Facebook handle its security, it is frustrating how the company responds to these inquiries.

2. Privacy Settings are reverted to default mode after each redesign.

Every time Facebook redesigns the site, it puts your privacy settings back to default. Hence, all of your information are once again made public. The more frustrating news here is that Facebook does not notify you of the changes. So it is up to you to check your privacy settings, and decide which information you want and don’t want to share.

3. Facebook ads may contain

Facebook has not been successful in screening which ads is safe and which is not. As a result, you might get an ad in your profile that has malicious code in it. In fact, it was reported that there was an ad that asked people to download an antivirus software but was actually a virus. Hence, you need to be wary of the ads that you see on Facebook.

4. Your friends can make you vulnerable

There is a likelihood that not all people listed on your friend’s list are real. A study conducted last year states that 40% of all Facebook profiles are fake. Some of them has been set up by bots or impostors. And if you have too many friends, there is a big chance that you might be sharing some information with them. Would you like to put out information like when you are on vacation, you photos and videos, and your name to people you don’t even know?

5. Scammers are everywhere!

Aside from having fake friends, your security can only be as good as your friend’s security. If someone on your network has a weak password, there is a possibility that his or her profile can be hacked. And when that happens, the hacker can now send you malware or a scam like . The happens when someone hacks your profile and will send a message to your friends claiming to be you, saying that they are in need of money. And when your friends fall for it, they’ll end up wiring money to somewhere else.

No matter how good Facebook can be, there are still things that the company needs to deal with. In particular, the safety of its users. Let’s just cross our fingers that Facebook will continue to work on their vulnerabilities.


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