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Category: Entertainment

The Hulu vs Boxee War is Over

Written on November 11, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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The terms of the truce: Boxee, which makes software that enables to get Web video on TV, will remove links to Hulu’s free service -- but will give users the ability to use the Hulu Plus paid service.

and finally had their truce! Both Web Video services agreed with the terms that will remove the links to Hulu’s free service, and will be replaced with paid service. The peace talk marks the end of a conflict that dates back to February of last year. But the big networks that own Hulu has already warmed to in the last year or so. And they appear to be more amendable to work together, now that Google TV is here. More over, is confirmed to have a deeper relationship to Netflix by the end of the year, and Hulu Plus is said to come “soon”.

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