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The Verdict for Windows Phone 7

Written on November 19, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The craze of the Windows Phone 7 is still at its high and people continues to rave about it. Why did this device suddenly become the talk of the town? Read on as Allwelike gives its own opinion about what makes WP 7 different from other smartphones.

Check out the Internet and find hundreds of reviews about the 7 (WP7). After browsing through these writings, Allwelike come up with the conclusion why 7 rocks. First things which makes it special is because it is created by . Admit it, integration is a genius idea. It can be considered the most tectonic shift in mobile industry since the birth of iPhone and Android. 7 is a one of a kind Microsoft product. Most people do not find any good in Internet Explorer, but with WP7, everything changed. It might be the beginning of something great.

The engineers and executives of Microsoft have decided to focus on in the last two years and begin to create a new operating system from scratch. This step was taken to action since 6 version was declined by the market. The decline tarnished the companies reputation in the Operating System business. The development gave rise to what people know now as Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft was quite strict on creating devices running the new OS. These are the criteria the company identified:

* Capacitive Touch: Four or more contact points
* Sensors: A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity
* Camera: 5-megapixel or more, Camera with a flash and dedicated camera button
* Multimedia: Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration
* Memory: 256 MB, 8 GB Flash or more
* GPU: DirectX 9 acceleration
* Processor: ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better
* 2 screen sizes: 480×800 WVGA, 480×320 HVGA
* Keyboard: Optional
* Hardware Buttons: Must be fixed on the face

Similar to a basic smartphone, the prototype of the WP7 is multitouch. The cubes captured on the screen of a WP7 phone represent the features. Looking thoroughly, WP 7 and iPhone share matching features. One these features is Zune Pass. This feature resembles the iTunes of Apple. WP7 is also integrated with Facebook and Office apps.

The user interface (UI) is good. Microsoft mixed up some style, customization and performance which fit the device. It is quite impressive to think that Microsoft was able to outsmart Apple in the UI department.

Microsoft utilized the GPU acceleration all throughout the OS. Users can scroll, pan and zoom without a glitch. The OS is so polished in this matter that no third party apps tried to appeal.

However, WP 7 also has some problems and Microsoft needs to work on these matters right away. The Xbox Live Extras app  and IE Mobile takes so much time to load. Microsoft should improve the loading performance of its web pages. Another issue raised by those who have tried the WP7 is the inability of the mobile browser to smoothen the edges of very small fonts. This occurrence makes web page legibility impossible.

The interface is composed of three theorems:

• Hubs – The essentially panoramic apps that span multiple screens. The app works perfectly with Twitter, Netflix, Foursquare and Facebook.

• Live Tiles – These widgets show email notifications, SMS, MMS, and other features of Windows Phone 7.

• The App Bar – It is a semi-persistent menu/taskbar that hides actions like starting a new email or switching tabs in Internet Explorer.

The Verdict?

Windows Phone 7 is really great. It has solid foundation, useful applications and elegant features. It has a great potential compared to other smartphones available in the market these days. Remember that this phone works around Microsoft’s platform. If you are familiar with the schemes of this OS, go ahead and give WP7 a try.


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